Landlord Information

We offer a free, no obligation rental assessment of your property. We will advise you of the current rental market and how to maximise your rental income. Letting your property demands careful planning and you need a professional agent that you know you can trust, one who will look after your interests and at the same time make being a landlord as stress free as possible. At Pointer Properties we never forget that the Landlord is our client. We use our knowledge and expertise to ensure that our services meet your needs i.e offer guidance on all issues that may affect the rental figure and advise of actions you can take to minimise any void periods.

Experience tells us that first impressions count! The presentation of your property will increase the marketability and the level of rental income.

We recommend that your property should be presented to the highest standard possible to secure an early tenancy. We can advise you on all aspects of furnishings, fittings and decorations. We can recommend contractors to help you, if required.

As soon as we receive notice of your instruction, we shall require an Energy Performance Certificate to be carried out. If you require us to organize this on your behalf, the cost is £90 inclusive of vat.  Once this is in place, we will then place your property on our Property Available List, this is advertised in our office window, on our web site and, and in the West Somerset Free Press. We will also contact all suitable prospective tenants that we have registered on our database.

Landlords, we have numerous potential tenants looking for property.

  • We offer a free advisory service on any buy-to-let property.
  • We can arrange for all servicing, repairs & maintenance to be carried out.
  • We can offer guidance on your buildings & contents insurance.
  • We can even GUARANTEE your rent.

We offer 3 options to the Landlord with regard to the level of service that we can provide, dependent on the landlord’s own involvement in the management of the property & tenancy.

bullet Tenant Find

bullet Rent Collection

bullet Full Management

Listed below under each heading is the level of service that will apply depending on what basis we have been instructed.

Tenant Find

  • Produce property details
  • Advertise the property
  • Show the property
  • Select & interview any prospective tenants
  • Assist & advise the landlord if required in the choosing of a tenant
  • Draw up the tenancy agreement
  • Collect all monies for first months rent & deposit
  • Issue keys & receipt for them
  • Produce tenancy info start up pack for tenant
  • Confirm tenancy start up with landlord, issue copies of tenancy agreement, any relevant safety certificates, key receipt & inventory.
  • Send statement of account with cheque for rent & deposit minus agreed commission

£600 inclusive of VAT

Rent Collection – As Tenant Find, plus:

  • Collect rent and issue monthly statements.

10.8% of months rent inclusive of VAT

Full Management – As Tenant Find & Rent Collection, plus:

  • Inspect the property after 4-6 weeks, and then periodic visits. Provide written reports on the condition and alert you to any problems or maintenance required.
  • Inform you of any likely change of tenancy & deal with any rent reviews.
  • Deal with the day to day running of the property and any problems that may arise. In an emergency, essential repairs will be carried out by us without reference to you, up to an agreed limit (this is usually £100). All non-essential repairs will be referred to you or an authorised person before any action is taken.
  • Carry out an inspection at the end of the tenancy and use any deposit monies where necessary to return the property back to you in as near condition as possible when it was originally let out, allowing for general wear & tear.

14.4% of months rent inclusive of VAT
Tenancy Set Up Fee: £600 inclusive of VAT

For full details of our terms of business please contact us and we will be happy to mail / email these to you.

All of our residential properties will be let out on an ASSURED SHORTHOLD TENANCY basis usually for an initial 6-month term. At the end of the term it is then the Landlord’s decision as to whether the tenancy is to be renewed for another fixed term, or to let it roll on a monthly basis (a periodic tenancy), or end the tenancy altogether.